Driving: if you are planning in hiring a car, please remember that some countries drive on the left whereas others drive on the right and that most cars are not automatic

Embassies: never far away from home, make a contact list of the embassies of your country in the countries to you plan to visit

Financial matters: prepare a list of emergency numbers to be able to block your credit card in the event that you lose it or if it gets stolen

Health matters: inform well before departure about any vaccines that may be required when visiting specific countries

Legal matters: although Europe is seen as one entity it is composed of many different countries which may have specific entry requirements. Make enquiries about the entry requirements of the countries to be visited

Insurance matters: although no one likes to think about it, a trip can change from dream to hell very quickly. Be prepared and think of contracting a travel insurance with worldwide cover

Measures: most European countries use the metric weights and measures

Shopping: if you plan to shop in Europe, please remember that sizes for shoes and clothing can be very different from the ones you are used to

Weather: Europe is big and has many different climates. Check the weather of the countries to be visited before packing




  • Claims for delayed or cancelled flights


TIP Compensation ranges between € 125.- to € 600.- per passenger, depending on the case and you decide yourself what you want to pay for this service!!


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