Please find below some comments of some clients who used the services of urotripadviser/Mijnvakantiecoach.nl!

"10 days tour of Amsterdam, Paris and Aachen for 6 persons from Indonesia: Thank you!! From my mum's story I can see that they had a lot of good time in Amsterdam, Paris and Aachen. My mum as well as her friends and relatives were very impressed with you, especially on how you arranged the tour and the accommodation. A lot of my mum's and mum's sister's friends ask about the person behind their tour. I've told them about you and Eurotripadviser and gave them your contact details.

Kind regards,Hayu"

“We did not dare to make the arrangements ourselves on internet so we gave our budget of 1800.00 eur per person and finally paid 1807.00 eur (exclusive handling-fee) for an unforgettable 12 days tour of China with private driver and guide! Well done!!”

“We had a budget of 250.00 eur per person for a weekend somewhere. For 249.00 eur per person (exclusive handling-fee) we travelled to Berlin where we spent a lovely weekend enjoying all the tips that our travel adviser gave us”

“We always wanted to travel to South Africa but all the tours offered by tour operators were too expensive for us. So our trip adviser made our 3 weeks tour of South Africa with our own budget of 1500.00 eur per person (exclusive handling-fee) and it was a real adventure. Exactly what we were looking for.”

“We are 4 ladies looking for fun. Our interests are different altogether but our trip advisor managed to include something of interest for each and one of us in our 12 days Baltic Tour. The handling-fee paid (120.00 eur per person) was definitely worthwhile! Thank you again for your commitment, the partnership, the great tips, the expert advice and, last but not least, your kindness."

“We had already planned to drive to South Wales to visit some relatives and decided to combine it with a 9 days tour. All we needed was someone to take care of the travel arrangements. We needed flexibility but above all we wanted to stay in authentic places. For 450 eur per person (exclusive handling-fee) our trip adviser found very exclusive hotels for us ranging from an old Coach House to castles. The tour was well planned, not too hasty and well adapted to our age. We would recommend the services of a trip adviser to anyone!”

“As students we could not afford much but still wanted to spend a weekend somewhere. We were offered a weekend to Pisa. The incredible price of 90.00 eur per person (exclusive handling-fee) included with two nights in a medium ranged hotel and a low cost flight! Great!!”