The 10 benefits of having your own trip adviser

  • 1  Save time and hassle: your trip adviser will advise and guide you, find the best internet deals in Europe and finally make all the booking arrangements for you.
  • 2  Travel cheaper: the trip adviser searches the best bargains among all local and reliable European Internet direct sellers
  • 3  Enjoy the personal services of an experienced trip adviser who will advise you over European destinations and guide you in the jungle of internet travel offers
  • 4  Give some flexibility to your holiday by arranging your trip with independent components
  • 5  Take advantage of a flexible booking process: because the individual components of the trip can be booked at various times, it is possible to wait for the best deals and plan payments to best suit your current financial situation
  • 6  The goal of your trip adviser is to meet your travel requirements even the very special ones
  • 7  The experience of the trip adviser on the internet means that you run less risk than a person who will try himself to make bookings on the Internet
  • 8  Pay a low handling fee for the services of your very own personal trip adviser
  • 9  Your trip adviser is your partner and will remain your contact from the start until the day you finally go and even longer
  • 10  Simply give your travel wishes and your budget to your trip adviser and you will end up with a memorable trip to Europe

Who is €urotripadviser?

€urotripadviser is the english website of and was created by Caroline Ripolles Boeyum, herself a European Globetrotter, in the centrally located Netherlands to offer travelers from abroad personal coaching when planning their trip to Europe. €urotripadviser as well as put at your disposal not only their knowledge of Europe but also their languages skills which enable us access nearly all the European direct sellers.

Why €urotripadviser and what do we offer?

Everybody knows how difficult it can be to organize your own trip, especially abroad and far from home in countries where English is not always widespread. We Europeans do encounter the same problems when travelling outside Europe. Because one does not always know how it works on the other side of the globe, many hesitate to plan such a trip on their own and end up booking pre- arranged tours from tour operators. Although these tours are well planned, they often do not meet all the traveler’s wishes. For €urotripadviser, each individual is unique and therefore deserves a trip that is equally special!  €urotripadviser strives to fulfill your travel wishes and will therefore surf the net for you until we have found what you are looking for

The founder of €urotripadviser

Caroline Ripolles Boeyum was born in Paris, on 24 May 1968. Even though she is French, she actually has a Spanish father, an Austrian mother and a Norwegian husband and is consequently the result of a multi-cultural European melting-pot. After business studies in France and a master's degree in Tourism Planning in Glasgow, Scotland, she worked for various tour operators in London. In 1996, she moved to the Netherlands where her two children were born. Once settled, she started again, first with additional travel agency training and then as an employee of an Internet company specializing in booking low cost flights worldwide. Her many years of experience in the travel industry, the fact that she speaks 6 European languages and understands all the different cultural differences and finally her passion for organizing tours and give an ultimate client satisfaction, decided her to start a company of her own. She started locally with and finally decided to open to the world with €urotripadviser.

Why do I have to submit my credit card details and what are the benefits?

A large number of services on the Internet can only be booked with a credit card. In connection with the anti-fraud procedures, the credit card of the passenger is checked already at the time of booking. If the name of the credit card holder does not match the name of one of the passengers, the booking is often rejected. Furthermore, many airlines and hotels require you to present the credit card used to make the booking. In order to avoid these problems, we request your credit card details to make the bookings on your behalf.

Since the bookings are made on your name with your own credit card details, you also get the specific insurances offered by the credit card companies (baggage and flight delay, compensation in case of loss ...). To have a more detailed overview of these insurances, please refer to the terms and conditions of your own credit card company!

To be able to manage your bookings yourself and ultimately take advantage of your membership to various bonus programs, the agreement needs to be between you and the service provider. That can only be achieved if the bookings are made with your own credit card.

By immediately paying the various service providers with your credit card details, your trip adviser will be able to avoid any sudden increases in prices. Increases in prices are caused by fluctuations in exchange rates or price adjustments carried out by airlines, hotels and other service providers. They have the right to adjust their prices without prior notice, unless the payment has already gone through their system.

Paying with your own credit card also provides more financial safety since credit card companies always can arrange for a "Chargeback".

What risks do I take?

As stated in our terms and conditions, the agreement is ultimately and exclusively between the various service providers and you. That means that you do not take more risks than a person who books directly on the Internet. You actually take fewer risks since your trip adviser only uses reliable Internet companies, which may not be the case of someone shopping on the Internet.

In the registration form, you will find a section on credit card details which you need to fill in. For security reasons, you are only required to fill in the credit card details partially. The CVC code is passed on either over the telephone or per sms.

Is there a possibility that my credit card gets misused?

Your credit card details remain confidential and all websites used by €urotripadviser are protected. Your credit card details will only be used to make the necessary bookings on your behalf. You will receive a statement for each booking made by your trip adviser at the moment of booking. That way you can easily check the payments and the booking process. Should there be any discrepancy, you should inform your trip adviser immediately who will look into it free of charge.

How can I pay for the service fee and the handling fee?

To ensure that our clients can pay our service fee as well as our handling fee using a safe, widespread payment system, Eurotripadviser has chosen to use Pay Pal.

An invoice together with a payment request is sent through Pay Pal to your email address. All you need to do is clic on the link and choose the form of payment that best suits you. You can pay either through a Pay Pal account if you have any or with a credit card (Visa, Mastercard or American Express).

Acceptance Mark

If you prefer, you also may do an international transfer to the our bank account

IBAN:    NL79KNAB0255718225


When paying, please always state your reference and invoice number.

Is €urotripadviser member of any international organization?

Because the contract is ultimately between you and the various service providers and payment is done directly, you as a client do not run any risk in the event of bankruptcy of our travel organization. Joining any international organization is therefore unnecessary which consequently means that we can keep our handling fee as low as possible. This does however not mean that you travel without any guarantees. Apart from any private travel insurance, you do have the guarantees offered by all the service providers as well as those offered by your credit card company.

Our Logo

The drawing used as the logo for and for €urotripadviser is a drawing of Pula House, South Africa.