Stage 6: The handling fee

Once all bookings are made and all the other travel arrangements of the tour have been agreed upon, you will receive an invoice for the handling fee. The handling fee is a percentage of 10% (incl. VAT) of the total tour price with a maximum of 355.00 eur per person. The amount of the service fee paid (60.00 eur per person) is deducted at this stage from the total handling fee amount.

Exceptions: single bookings

  • a hotel booking: 25.00 eur handling fee per hotel booking per person
  • a flight booking: 17.50 eur handling fee per flight segment per person

Note: with the above mentioned bookings, the service fee is kept to 15.00 eur per person

You will be required to pay the total invoice within 5 working days. For information on payment procedures, please refer to How to pay

Once the amount of the handling fee is paid to €urotripadviser, you will receive all the travel documents, that is to say all the confirmations sent directly by the service suppliers for every single booking (e-tickets, confirmation mails, vouchers…) as well as further advice from your trip adviser regarding

  • procedures and costs for changing/cancelling services
  • travel tips
  • some information on the different destinations 




You are now ready to go… but remember that €urotripadviser always

remains at your disposal!