Stage 1 & 2: A first travel concept

After duly filling in the Request Form (Stage 1) which summarizes personal and travel details and sending it through the website, €urotripadviser will first study your travel requirements and wishes as well as any itinerary idea.  We will consequently contact you directly per email to discuss every single part of your trip, your personal requirements, your special wishes as well as your budget.  €urotripadviser will give you a first travel concept free of charge regarding all the different aspects of planning your trip to Europe.

Stage 3: A first proposal

At this stage, if you wish €urotripadviser to become your personal trip adviser, a service fee amounting 120.00 eur per person (+21% Dutch VAT if applicable) will have to be paid. Please note that for one single traveller the service fee amounts 250 eur (+21% Dutch VAT if applicable). For information on payment procedure, please refer to How to pay

Once the service fee is paid, €urotripadviser will send you a first detailed proposal. In order to do so, your trip adviser will:

  • review in detail all the aspects of your itinerary
  • look for suitable service providers available on the internet
  • make a list of all internet deals that meet your requirements and budget
  • send you per email a first proposal giving you an overview of all suitable internet deals that meet the requirements of your trip to Europe. You can study this overview at your own convenience and contact your trip adviser for any further query.

Once you have received our first proposal, you can take the decision either to proceed with €urotripadviser or to stop. The service fee that you already have paid is not refundable should you not wish to proceed with €urotripadviser. This fee is however deducted from the total handling-fee at a later stage when travel arrangements are booked through €urotripadviser.