AYURVEDA "Sustainable Wellness"             आयुर्वेद


Ayurveda (Science of life) is a form of traditional medicine which associates science and philosophy. It has been practiced more than 3500 years in India and it is recognised by the World Health  Organization. The principles of Ayurvedic medicine are based on the importance given to natural and
harmonious balance of the three types of body constitutions (prakruti, doshas); vata, pitta & kapha.

The different forms of therapy are: yoga, medicinal plants, massages with therapeutic oil, breathing exercises (Pranayam) and diet. Just follow the principles of Ayurveda & live in harmony with your body, mind and soul.

Ayurveda is both a preventive and a curative approach. It not only aims to fight against physical problems but it also cures the whole body by eliminating all toxic imbalances caused by our hectic / stressful daily life and finally helps the body regain immunity and vitality.

Ayurveda is the only natural medical treatment that helps achieve a balanced and healthy life.

Ayurveda is also advised for:

Rheumatology - Back Aches Gynaecological  problems - Infertility - Sterility - Depression -Insomnia - Head Aches - Hypertension - Psychic disorders Dermatological problems - Cardiac problems - Obesity - Diabetes - Failure of immunity system - Revitalization.

Ayurveda is practiced all over the world, but the climatic conditions and abundance of medicinal plants  makes it worth travelling to India.



The Ayurvedic centres we offer are all approved by the State for their qualified medical staff (practitioners and therapists), the quality of their equipment and amenities as well as their geographical location. Here is a sample of our centers:

Harivihar is located near Kozhikode (Calicut). This Ayurvedic and Yoga therapy centre is a real haven of peace, located in a Royal heritage house built more than 150 years ago. This centre consists of 7 rooms with all modern comfort. Photogallery

Kairali Ayurvedic Health Resort is located in Pallakad on a 20 hectares estate one hour of Coimbatore and 2 hours of Kochi. It offers 30 villas equipped with every comfort and a swimming pool. Photogallery

The Coconut Bay Beach Resort is nestled in a lush coconut plantation bordering a breathtaking beach, 21 km from Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala’s capital. It offers 22 rooms equipped with every modern comfort and a swimming pool. Photogallery

Kadappuram Beach Resort is located in Thrissur, 200 meters from a beach of fine sand in the middle of lush greenery. It offers 23 cottages built with traditional and ecological materials and equipped with every comfort. Photogallery

Kalari Kovikolam Palace is located in the city of Kollengode, 105 kilometers from Kochi and 75 km from Coimbatore and surrounded by verdant rice fields and charming hilly hinterland. It offers 18 Palace Suites traditionally decorated and equipped with all comforts. Photogallery





We offer flexible stays from 7 to 21 days that can be booked as relaxing closure to a Tour of India or as an independant Ayurvedic stay.

Day 01 - Europe / Thiruvanathapuram ou Kochi (Cochin) ou Kozhikode (Calicut) by air.
Arrival in the morning. Welcome and transfer to Ayurvedic Centre. Afternoon consultation with the Doctor
and start of the treatment according to the diagnostic. Dinner and overnight at Centre.

Days 02 to 07 or 14 or 21

Ayurvedic treatment according to treatment package (07 / 14 / 21 days).

  • Consultations.
  • Ayurvedic treatment (Massage with medicated oils or herbal creams, steam bath, etc.).
  • Food diet according to the treatment. Vegetarian food.
  • Yoga and Meditation (According to prescription).

The treatment is based on 8 branches of Ayurveda for: Tones up the skin and rejuvenates and strengthens all the tissues so as to achieve ideal health and longevity. Increases primary vitality, strengthens the immunity system and improves mental stability.

Day 08 or 15 or 22 - Kochi ou Thiruvanthapuram ou Kozhikode (Calicut) / Europe.
Early morning transfer to the airport and fly back to Europe.


  • The Ayurvedic treatments should be under the supervision of an Ayurvedic physician.
  • Before undergoing the treatment medical history of the person should be known to the Ayurvedic Physician.
  • Some treatments are not suitable for very aged, very young, heart patients and pregnant women. In any case the Physician should be consulted before undergoing any treatment.

Smoking & Consumption of alcohol are forbidden during the treatment.