Stage 4: The final proposal

Your trip adviser will discuss with you the content of the first proposal, listen to your comments, give you further suggestions and amend the itinerary accordingly and this as often as necessary so that it finally fulfills your travel wishes. Once it does, your travel adviser will send you the final proposal.

Stage 5: The booking process

Once you have accepted the final proposal, €urotripadviser will proceed with the bookings. To enable us to do so, you will be required to fill in the Registration Form which includes the following information:

  • the personal data of each traveler with the names as mentioned in the passport (first and last name, maiden name, date of birth, address, passport number ...)
  • your credit card information to enable €urotripadviser to make the internet bookings on your behalf. For security reasons, you are only required to fill in the credit card details partially. The CVC code is passed on either over the telephone, per email or per sms

You will receive a confirmation of booking for every travel segment of your trip at the time of booking with an overview of the price to which you have previously agreed. That way you can always follow the booking process, check the amounts paid for each component and ultimately book travel components whenever it financially suits you best. €urotripadviser gives the advantage of a flexible booking process!